Monday, June 18, 2007

The Perfect France

Bonjour a tous;

I have started this blog to serve as a resource for those out there that either want to visit France, work in France, and/or work for a French-American entity in the U.S. This is aimed at either visitors to France who seek to grasp a deeper understanding of this beautiful and incessantly interesting country or to find a mid-career job working in the vast field of French-U.S. relations (cultural, economic, political...).

This is not, as the French say, a palmares - this is rather a listing of advice and experience and useful links that I have acquired over 16 years. I have mixed job hunting items with favorite little cafes, museums, walks, and tried to decipher French business lingo and practices.

Comments/corrections are welcome. I am not expert - I just would like to help others in their search for the perfect France - be it a job, a walk through the street, a delicious meal, the discussion of a hot-blooded issue or a good book.

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