Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Q & A session:

One of the features of the Feedjit is that I am able to see what google searches bring readers to this site.

The most common are 1) job search in France and 2) travel.

I am no expert - but I do have a unique experience in having worked in France and for French entities in the U.S. So I would like to open this up to questions - feel free to ask me anything, if I can help - I'd be glad to. The same goes for questions about travel to France.

The floor is now open...

Almost French ?

What constitutes nationality? Is it simply an act of citizenship? It is personality, experience, years spent in a country? It is whether or not one wants to be something?

I heard a saying that I really liked - it's not that people change in the face of another culture, it is rather that that culture applauds certain behaviors that people already have, or are inclined to... instead of shunning them. The appearance is that someone changes, but in reality - they are allowed to express parts of their personality that possibly they hide otherwise.

Why are we attracted to certain cultures & countries and not others? Why is it that after living somewhere different, we either take part of it with us - or reject it completely? Can we chose to change or not to change?

In the face of what is most different, we see ourselves - more boldly. I have always thought that in traveling - we learn often more about ourselves, our own country than that one in which we are.

I bring this up to discuss some of the thoughts and dialogue brought up here - http://annesinclair.typepad.fr/journal/2008/11/les-us-et-la-fr.html - and in reference to a new new book, entitled I’ll Never be French (No Matter what I do ).

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yes we did!

If you are interested in following a bit of franco-americain debate on our world post 4NOV elections - I invite you to visit Le Blog D'Anne Sinclair @ www.annesinclair.typepad.fr