Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cherchez le job

My impetus for creating this blog as a resource for those who are in search of a mid-career job in French-American affairs stateside or overseas in France came from my own search and finding lots of resources through endless internet searches, advice from others, and simple trial and error but no ONE resource.

There is so much out there and I attempt to put it all in one place, here. My best advice to anyone looking for a job - know your passion, know your strengths and weaknesses and never give up.

A couple of tips:

Some of the best results I have had in my own searches have come from unconventional practices - buying lists of French subsidiaries from either the French-American Chamber of Commerce, the French Trade Offices in the U.S., or looking online and throughout websites and then sending unsolicited CVs and cover letters directly to top management. The American Chamber of Commerce in Paris sells a list of subsidiaries but also offers a down loadable version of "Doing Business in France" for free as well as listing their board members online (good clue to some prominent U.S. firms based in Paris).

The problem with this career path is that it is unusual and therefore there isn't a box to check off on the normal job boards (i.e. Monster, Hotjobs...). This makes for a laborious job search but also an interesting search with quite incredible results!


A said...

Good tip. Chambers of Commerce are a great tool as they also give you a listing of companies and industries you might've never considered. That's how I heard about the whole "Invest in France" industry. I contacted the NYC Chamber of Commerce & came across the listing for DEWS (Economic development for Western Switzerland) & they have been a huge help to me.

Bloguinet said...

I love your blog it is very very useful.
Though I would like to make a comment on your article about the Chambers of Commerce. Every time I had to do business with them, I was very disappointed with the services they offer. It seems to very different from one to the other.
Thanks again for your exciting blog. I look forward for the next article.

Julie LeBlanc said...

Thank you Bloguinet - do you have a blog too? I agree that the services of each CC of FACC differs, I felt that with different cities throughout the US. But the list is fantastic and they sell it cheaply. I sent CVs directly to some of the CEO's/President to ask about jobs that fit my profile and I had a very high rate of return. I guess they thought it an interesting way to network/jobhunt. It wasnt my idea - someone advised me to do so - and it worked.