Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photos of Obama Inauguration II

The ambiance around the city...


Glenn & Brigitte said...

Thank you Julie for sharing your pictures. We finally decided to stay home, but we watched the TV almost non-stop the whole day, like many, many people. I admire you and everyone who stayed in the cold. What a fabulous day this was! I was stunned when I turned on the TV early this morning to see the Mall already filled up. SOOOO impressive! The controversial reverend did a very good speech, and I am now re-reading Obama's speech.

See you on the other blog!

PS: I liked your note on French time. I can tell you how it feels for a French to try to fit in the US time... this is sooo hard!


bijou said...

Merci Brigitte!

Anonymous said...

I love the one with the two children...what an event ! I would have liked to share ot closer, you lived a wonderful day and I cannot imagine how was the atmosphere in Washington DC!

Michèle from France

adonis said...

Bonjour Julie.. Vos photos de l'inauguration de Barack Obama, sont vraiment magnifiques :-)