Friday, September 21, 2007


The counter in the upper right hand corner (which I only installed a good month into this blog) has counted over 427 people who have clicked on this blog. Taking into account that I am a good 157 of those... it seems that people are checking out this blog. Yet the only two people that have commented I know personally (and love dearly).

My point is this: what do you think? Has this been useful? What can I add? What am I doing right and what am I doing wrong?

Upon starting this blog and diving deep into the blogosphere, I discovered numerous blogs that discuss France from an anglophone's vantage point; (Petite Anglaise, Same Only Different, In the Kitchen with Dorrie Greenspan...)- there really is an entire world made up of people who are living the dream life (living in France but born an anglophone)and I felt as if whatever I wanted to say had been said, and by someone who is doing it right now - not a few year ago like myself.

So I am thinking of refocusing this exclusively on the job search for anglophones in the niche market of French - US affairs. This will of course be peppered with little tidbits about my thoughts on modern day events, issues etc having to do with France.

Would you read about this?


A said...

Well you know I would!

I'd say pick something you love and go with that. Is it the job search? Is it the French-focused characters you read about, whether modern day or in history (ie. Sarkozy, Josephine Bonaparte). Is it about tourism to France? Politics? (a bit chancey). You can definitely have a mix but may want to focus it a little more. I think if you write about something you're passionate about, it's going to come across. And with a little bit of marketing from your end, it'll take off.


Julie LeBlanc said...

Thanks sweetie - I will take you up on your advice. Thanks for responding and giving me feedback.

merci mille fois